Sunday, 29 November 2015


LUKE in a rare serious moment, working hard
 at the coffee machine
ANNIE'S MARKET DAY was a real hit today - a perfect sunny day with a light breeze, people just kept coming through, no big rushes, no lulls, just a  steady trade all day.  

Home for a nap and then off to glenis and brian's for a housewarming party.  well more of a shed warming at this stage - they've renovated the interior of the old blacksmith shop which was Wentworth Motos when i moved here. so there's a magnificent big garage with lovely wooden exposed beams and gables.  Glenis has a lovely little shop that sells her weaving and there are beautiful big looms operating in there.  Now they'll be starting to build their house on the back facing onto the old wentworth wharf, it's going to be wonderful.  the night was great, lots of people, beautiful pork on the spit, a perfect balmy night.

looking across the river, moonrise behind a floodlit tree across
the darling river at the back (or front) of glenis and brian's

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