Wednesday, 4 November 2015


CUP DAY - i got up early and set up to make some monoprints in the dining room, ABC on the live cup coverage, tv on silent and taping the melbourne cup.
i made one good big swan print and some not quite so successful ones for the book (need work) and just sat down for a rest every now and then and FF to the fashions.  Lovely this year, lots of classic dress with bigger skirts and some great hats.

 loved the cup day
winner of fashions on
the field, very audrey
hepburn, dress made
by her mum and
she hired her hat.
looked great

Loved the Cup winner and her brother and his proud march back to the winners circle holding the sash up above his head after his lucky pick of barrier one.  all good.

Then Donnie and Penny called in around 5 and we had a cool wine on the back verandah.  Steele Scadding called in to take away the rubbish and finish the light switch on the new door, now it's done, just some painting to do and the new room is up and running. it's taken ages but it's ready for the new year, or sooner

this morning i've woken up to beautiful steady rain  :0)

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