Saturday, 7 February 2015


at the art vault
- this large painting
has been in julie's
office since the vault
opened 6 years ago.
finally after constant
interest, it sold this
week. sad to see it
go off to the 


TUESDAY, driving home from the art vault with the beautiful full moon rising on my right, i'm so lucky to live in a place where the sky is clear 90% of the time, i see the full moon every month

 WED  worked at the art vault all day, went to see Birdman, not impressed, i found it a film about a lot of not very nice people trying to get a play about not very nice people up and running.

 looking forward to seeing this little man soon :o)
how to really work that hat

Morning walk on the island thursday morning, took my watercolours
this time. will take a large sketchbook next time

really enjoying participating in the bathing birds survey, keeping an eye on the birdbath 3 times a week for 20 minutes, lurking with my camera.

little friarbird with noisy miner - i'm overrun with miners right now
eastern rosella, a young one.   In flight the wings and spread tail are a gorgeous blue

theres a lovely family of maggies here - they come right up to the loungeroom window and look in and up and me.  i'm learning to speaking magpie right now, already fluent in willy wagtail

SATURDAY MORNING hot hot hot, it's already warm at 7.30.  yesterday i got up extra early at 5 and started painting the drawers and cupboard doors for the laundry.  I'm not exactly happy with the builder but it's coming along. now he's gone on two weeks holiday and left everything half done, the basin in the first bathroom can't be used. at least he's hooked up the washing machine so i can use it.

I got on a roll yesterday and because the paint is a nice neutral soft greyish oyster colour i'm painting a whole lot of internal doors too.  better get onto the new bathroom ceiling too, soft palmolive green i think.  feeling a bit back achy, perhaps a swim mid afternoon would be good.

it's all a bit of a bombsite - not as
bad as this after dean dropped in
late yesterday.  my lovely big
ceramic trough is sitting on the
paving there - i'm keeping fingers
crossed that dean can fix up a
metric/imperial conversion for 
the plumbing connection

can't wait till it's done and i'll
get steele to come and do a
huge tip run - i've got a truck
load of stuff to be thrown
out.  My aim is to have
everything feeling shipshape
by the time i have my
next workshop.

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