Monday, 23 February 2015


MONKEY BAA theatre in Darling Harbour flew me up for the weekend to do two workshops at their premises.   I've never seen Sydney so busy, you could hardly move.

Met up with Fran at Circular Quay for our traditional get together,  oysters and champagne on the water, watching the ferries. I love that spot.

sydney rock oysters and prosecco -   mmmmm     good to seeya fran

The Grace Hotel- 
fabulous on the outside
and some beautiful
details like the
marble foyer and
marble and tiled
staircases.  but upstairs
it's all generic Asian
style renos - we could
have been anywhere
in the world.

fun to be right in 
the city thought

I was in Sydney to do workshops with the Monkey Baa Theatre, about 20 young kids in the morning and 8 older (9-14yo) in the afternoon, the space was great and we all had a good time

SUNNY and I met up for a martini in the wonderful marble bar, it's so over the top, and a walk around the paintings and sculptures, all from early last century,  showed up some very bad painting and creepy inexplicable subject matter - but the whole thing is very impressive and the comfy leather couches are perfect at the end of a busy day.

Then dinner with the theatre folk to discuss their project, creating a play out of the peasant prince, and then a walk from Darling Harbour to Circular Quay to see all the Chinese New Year celebrations.    unbelievable amounts of people.

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