Thursday, 21 January 2021


LAST WEEK'S POST has been sitting in the draft folder for over a week.  the weather has been very kind,  cool mornings and warm days for a while now,  heating up today until it gets to 45 on sunday!  eek, hot nights, hot days.

I've finally got into the studio and feel the big barrier has been lifted, i'm just mucking around and getting the feel of printmaking again. 

trying out rubbings, washes, direct prints with leaves and a couple of monoprint trials, good for getting the composition worked out properly

and another big barrier's been lifted:


what a special day to hear some civil speeches  and sense being spoken.   I hope the USA settles down and gets on with beating their terrible covid problems.

i've had a very social weekend, three things in three days so this week i've been perfectly happy mooching around the house and studio and watching bob the magician moving my clothesline, taking away the shed and generally cleaning up a ute full of stuff for the tip.  he's worth his weight in gold.  now to get the drive done.

and there are always 
the birds, young and 
old distracting me 
through every window 

this area outside the kitchen window has become a daily playground for five tiny fairy wren siblings and lots of other small birds, makes doing the dishes a pleasure

this little birdhouse has been hanging in the tree for eight years and not one bird has ever showed any interest until these little guys showed up

GORGEOUS SUNSETS - the river is so always beautiful

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