Thursday, 21 January 2021


IT'S BEEN VERY WARM AND HOT since i got back from down south but not unpleasant.  either still and calm or a light breeze, so much kinder than the horrible duststorms and super hot brown days of last summer.  touch wood it stays this way. 40 today, but back to 30- for the next few days.

some lovely pics and cute videos of the kids from both sunny and rene.  etta is just growing and growing, eating now and very physically active.   Cal and Mara are as funny as ever.

Working on Romeo and Juliet but struggling.  Being in semi-isolation is not good for creativity.  

testing mediums, above inktense pencil and wash, below water-soluble graphite and wash  -  sigh!

always plenty of distractions outside the window
when i'm at my desk, the willie wagtail is constantly
badgering the kookaburras, they have two fledglings
in the garden so they're relentlessly protective :0)

beautiful mornings, i'm walking earlier to beat the heat

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  1. Dear Anne, Hang in there! I hope you'll create what you want to achieve. Look forward to your work. Take care. Love and smile, Sadami


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