Tuesday, 26 January 2021


 AH, THE BIG CONTROVERSY - australia day on january 26.  just change it.  it used to be the last monday in january, always a long weekend.   why not just revert to that and let us all celebrate the diversity of the country.  

it's divinely cool this morning after two days of 40+  -  last night it really rained for the first time in months.  everything outside my bedroom window is looking damp and green as i write this in bed at 7am after a really good sleep :0)

this week -

working on the book every day, not producing much but i think i have the first illustration - a monoprint fresh off the press.  i'll do some refining with dark pencil and white but i reckon it's ok.  i'm off to photograph holly today, i used her in swan lake, she's very responsive to the camera and what i need so hopefully i'll come home with some good reference to go on with.

BIRDBATHS - so important in this super hot weather, the birds shelter in trees, under the carport, under the house and on the verandah. i leave extra dishes of water there and the birdbaths are always busy.

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