Tuesday, 27 August 2019


THE NEW COOKTOP is great, first celebratory meal cooked on it, mussels with tomatoey garlicky spaghetti and a martini - well deserved after the disruptive previous few days. 
Now i'm deep into painting the cupboards, getting rid of all that knotty wood and lightening everything up, new brushed S/S doorknobs and i've taken down the dark wooden venetian. it's coming along nicely, i'll be painting every day this week.

I'm buying a new fridge too, realised after ordering it that it's
10cm too high for the cavity - and they don't make them any shorter.
so friend sue with her super duper
power tools, came around and we
moved the cupboard carcasss up.


amongst the 
paint cans, 
the kitchen 
is a complete schemozzle!

trouble is self portrait land,  i've used a transparent medium as a
finish between layers and it's coming through the darks as a chalky bloom.  i had a good chat to steve at Art Stretchers, the maker of the medium and i've used it incorrectly. so now i'm trying to scrub
off a layer or two of black background with turps.  i may have a few unuseable
(more recent and better) little portraits and i need
to enter the RickAmor soon
with a photo.   grrrr

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