Friday, 9 August 2019


I'M SNUGGLED UP in the loungeroom, fire going strong, new curtain hung across the kitchen doorway to keep the heat in here, i'm so pleased, it works like a charm.  and it looks ok too  :0)

last sunday i sat at the makers hall for our open day, did a self portrait while people talked and looked on,  it really changed the character of the painitng, it'll be interesting to see what happens this sunday.  i've done 15 selfies so far, lots of them need more work.
dee and ash and some of their work

progress on the painting during the four hours i was there

morning walks to the island

I had a kangaroo here for a fair part of the day, spotted him out the kitchen window, when i went outside he took a few leaps across the driveway towards the fence, but he must have decided i was ok so he just stayed and was still there late afternoon.

               more visitors

went to see a film with sue,  Late Night with emma thomson, pretty lightweight fare that could've been a lot better with some decent writers working on it.   i always enjoy a couple of hours in the cinema though

the weather's been gorgeous, chilly mornings and beautiful sunny skies and still days but it's changed suddenly,  really miserable.  but i'm happy inside, getting ready to have a new cooktop and dishwasher installed, paint bought to do the cupboards, and i'm going to re-tile all the splashbacks with a bit of mosaic (the cracked tile look).

Still doing a self portrait a day, i can't find any more of the 8x8 canvases so i'll start reworking the ones that need it, almost all of them.  I'm getting so i don't know what i'm looking at any more, objectivity is gone and i probably need a bit of distance. so i'll have to think of something else to paint.   still life?   my book ideas??

                     changing from julia gillard into . . . who??

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