Friday, 12 July 2019


WINTER HAS DEFINITELY SET IN here in torquay, the wind is crazy and it's raining on and off all day so i'm here in the library using the wifi. how library's have changed, it's full of little kids running up and down, people everywhere on wifi, talking on phones.  it's a real community hub.

at the library in torquay -
i've found the most wonderful big book of costume - it'll be great reference so i've just ordered it online - DK really know how to produce a visual book.

LAST TUESDAY - GIRLS NIGHT at gail's before she and ian left on their holiday.  traditional food  :0)  it was great to get together for a good old fashioned girlie chinwag and a wine :0)


settling into gail's, lots of big birds around.  ravens, kurrowongs, magpies, parrots.  a bit of thumping on the roof during the day :0)

i love the light
on these blinds
at certain
times of the

 friday 5th  I drove up to melbourne and stayed with sandra and patrick.  i love being in their house, patrick is making this amazing model of it down to the tiniest detail

 Sandra came with me in the morning to the Abbotsford convent where i was doing a 2 hr meet and chat with the anns on their Books Illustrated book stall. 
this is the amazing 'separation tree' at the convent, planted to commemorate the separating of victoria and new south wales.  it's colossal!!  a beatiful old oak
coffee with thornton first in the convent cafe - a nice way to start the day.
then after the gig, the rest of the day to enjoy, movie at the nova and dinner at vicki's where i had the house to myself.

2 hr portrait of Jill Orr by Graeme Drendel
I SAW a lovely little portrait by graeme drendel on facebook and txted to see if he was home.   He lives on the north side of melbourne and i was going to see Mark and Lani and meet little Goldie for the first time so it worked out beautifully.   graeme's studio full of work was inspiring and set me off on a project of doing a 2hr self portrait every day.  i've done four so far.   i feel invigorated!

It was wonderful to see mark and lani and little goldie is a funny little treasure :0)

enjoying morning walks (weather permitting)


 A NIGHT OF SCRABBLE and dinner with jen and rob, i stayed the night and loved the view in the morning, this magnificent tree
 Here comes the rain!!
 i took susan and jenny
to lunch at barwon heads
for their annual joint
birthday lunch. we ate
out in the sun and much
as i disapprove of cats
in australia these days,
i have to admit this
one is pretty spectacular.
he was strolling thru
the tables and eyeing
off the birds in the vine.

 my current project, one a day for probably a month, see where it leads  :0)   it's great to be rediscovering oil paints


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