Tuesday, 23 July 2019


 JENNY & FREDDIE ARRIVED ON SATURDAY and stayed two nights. the weather's been perfect, blue sky, lots of sun and no wind.  we've had a cruisy time, dinners at home, movies in the evening with scrabble,  a trip into mildura to Cellar Door for wine in the sun then lunch just up the road and on to Fossey's for a gin tasting paddle.    Fun :0)

morning walk
on saturday

 SUNDAY MORNING - brilliant pink sunrise but a nice day followed
                    at Cellar Door                 

fossey gins,
mountain pepperberry,
desert lime and
kaffir lime

latest self portrait, above
with mouth in the wrong
place, right - just plain
grumpy :0) 

lovely pic of helen that jenny got from don this visit

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