Monday, 4 February 2019


THIS WEEK Di finally received her portrait, sam couldn't stand the wait any longer and borrowed it back from the framer :0)   the little book she's holding is filled with photos following the paintings progress from stretching the linen to finished

 A SURPRISE - a courier arrived with a box and it was my book, about a month earlier than i'd expected.  it's being released in bookshops on the 18th of this month.  i'm happy with it

these tiny ants were actually carrying this moth wing along, for what purpose i can't imagine
lovely to have the bee eaters chirruping around again

MORNING WALK across the golfcourse, past the duck pond down to the Wentworth riverboat on the wharf where a cafe has just
opened on friday to sunday.  a lovely place to sit and have a coffee

just ordered this bag with a Kate Hudson design for sayaka (i dont' think she reads
this blog :0\     love Kate's work
 morning walk i always stop and have a chat with coco on the way there and back

yesterday was really hot, 41deg so the birdbaths were busy again.   i had airbnb guests from scotland arriving so i was busy all
morning.   i'm really sick of the relentless hot weather, it feels warm
this morning again, it'll be 38 i think, cooler tomorrow.

 I love this photo of a kookaburra, i took a few and the colours are just so gentle

  last night on the river, a lovely sunset after a too hot day

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  1. Dear Anne, I admire you more than ever and love the portrait that touches my heart. Oh, you're a so lovely lady!! Keep up wonderful work. Best wishes, Sadami


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