Wednesday, 13 February 2019


TODAY IS GOING TO BE 23 - i actually pulled the doona up this morning, it's yummy.  the back porch is almost done, all new paint and curtains washed and looking like new, it feels like preparing a new canvas - i wonder what i'll do when i get into the studio  😶  printmaking?  painting?  maybe both???
in the meantime it's good to be fixing the house, lots more touching up and more trims to paint, maybe a new colour round the kitchen window.   just thinking and typing here

pics from the last few days

 peach melba at sue and
derek's dinner, saturday night.
beautiful food and hospitality
with fine company :0)

     most pics taken by jenny bowler, right.

below - my accommodation for the night,
a great little cottage surrounded
by beautiful gardens

across the road from sue and derek's - large
pomegranate plantations - they're looking so beautiful

the wrens are everywhere, if i can't see them i can hear them all around the house, on the verandah, under the deck, in the
garden   -  little sweeties

these creepy
buggars were
outside the
back door a couple
of days ago, about
6" long - i think
the male might be
history by now,
must go and see
if they're still

handsome visitor yesterday,  a lovely red kangaroo, the colours don't show well here, but he has lovely soft red on his head and shoulders and his ears are lavender grey

He heard me tapping on the window and took two big bounds behind this bush, very comical

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