Monday, 28 January 2019


IT'S MONDAY PUBLIC HOLIDAY and my airbnbers leave today.  it's been a horribly hot week, up to 47 on friday after a week in the 40s. i've been feeling stir crazy with blinds drawn and cooler humming away day and night. too hot to use the studio or even do anything outside after about 9am.   It was 30 deg when i got up early on saturday.   so no news this week but photos of the beautiful full moon and birds making full use of the bird baths.  the blue wrens have come right up around the house lately, some of the bigger more predatory birds seem to have gone so they're feeling safer.  nice to see

finally, i've taken down the christmas decorations -
i always find
it a hard thing to do :0)

 it's lovely having
this bird bath
right outside the
kitchen window,
i spend a lot of
time watching all
kinds of birds 
bathing and sitting
under the vine 
where the cooler
drips off the roof

I hand-coloured this monoprint and presented it as the artwork Bendigo bank has commissioned to celebrate 20 years of service
here in Wentworth.  very happy for it to be used in their promotional material and for the original to hang on their wall.

another gorgeous full moon

an unexpected find - mildura buy, swap and sell facebook page popped up and as i looked for a bar fridge these chairs appeared,  $60 the lot! and they're so comfortable
around the birdbath

a very hot
little wren,
panting in
the heat

 this poor kangaroo was out in the front yard. when i zoomed in i could see it was also panting with the heat.  47 degrees is ridiculous, thank god yesterday was a beautiful overcast day in the 20's, heating up again this week though.  roll on autumn

SATURDAY - Australia Day free brekky at the Willow Bend Caravan Park, the new owners are doing wonderful things down there, they have the twilight river cruises going again and have opened a cafe on board three mornings a week down at the Wentworth Wharf

 the rainbow
bee eaters
have returned
heard a rumbling motor and looked out to see mark grist rolling up the drive.  rob biggs and friend jenny bowler arrived too and we had a catch up down on the riverbank

beautiful sky last night

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