Tuesday, 1 January 2019


JANUARY 1 - a whole new year and goodbye to 2018 which was good for me but not so hot worldwide, here's hoping things pick up this year and let's get a decent federal government and a leader we can respect please!
the christmas bbq last week - pic by rob biggs
LAST WEEK was hot hot hot!!  40-45 four days in a row and it's still in the high 30's.  the birds are amazing, i don't know how they survive out there, but they were in and out of the birdbaths all day.

my airbnb guests from england handled the weather really well, spending lots of time out on the verandah with the fan on, having barbecues, going for early morning walks and playing in the wading pool with their very sweet 4mth old son.  they did leave three days early because they had a friend's empty house to go to but i really enjoyed having them around the house for four days, a baby's voice every now and then was a delight.

i had christmas on my own surrounded by lobster claws, seafood and pudding, icecream and berries.  in the heat i decided to move my current painting project inside and ended up painting for four hours before indulging in all my goodies and watching 'scrooged' with bill murray.  i really enjoyed my quiet christmas.
new lights around the verandah - i love em

christmas morning walk along the darling
early morning row for the rowing club members

christmas angel on the footpath

this week has just been painting and painting, this work has a lot of small detail and needs to be finished and framed by the 9th.  eek!  the framer's already making the frame.

The sunsets and moon continue . . . gorgeous as ever

last night i celebrated new year's eve on the riverbank at sunset with sue and derek.  after rain and 36 deg it's been really humid but by 7 it was lovely sitting down there. no mozzies either. and a visit from a night heron that appeared here yesterday afternoon.

a beautiful visitor - the nankeen night heron


  1. Anne, I love all your photos and posts!!! ...and your sense of humour. Hahaha, I did not know Christmas Angel on a street. Cheers, Sadami

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