Saturday, 17 November 2018


I DIDN'T GET TIME TO SETTLE BACK IN after ubud.  haven't even shared my photos with susan, gail and isobelle yet.
the morning after we arrived back in torquay we received the long dreaded news that helen had died early tuesday morning so melbourne cup day was spent together, me, jenny and susan at jenny and freddie's.  i'm so glad we were able to be together, with our good friends dropping in throughout the day.
the week back here in wenty was a lot of collecting photos for the farewell celebration, feeling flat, emails sending memories of helen, thinking about what i could say about her life as a painter of the grampians and gradually unpacking from bali and repacking for halls gap.
susan rented us rooms right in the heart of the gap, a perfect spot with plenty of room for me, sunny, susan and sean with gail and ian next door.

it's lovely to be home now in bed looking out through roses at the rising sun shining gold on the redgums, with time to write this. today i'll just spend time emailing photos and getting the studio ready to start painting.

Helen's service was so beautiful, the hall looking out onto the grampians in both directions and along one deep windowsill jenny and claire had arranged personal items - helen's favorite cup and saucer, the scrabble set and helen's crazy huge old dictionary, paints, her box of pastels, flowers, sketchbooks and photos and there were paintings of helen's all around the walls.   a local lady had done native flowers in huge arrangements and the celebrant gilda had been a friend of helen's for 33 years so everything was perfect - it really felt like helen was in the room.

the hall was packed, standing room only right up to the back wall, it was everything a funeral should be.  the girls did an amazing job.

the gardens
around the
hall, such
a beautiful
setting in
the grampians

The weather was perfect and we had some good family and friends time in halls gap down at stony creek in the sun, a swim in the pool and fabulous meals at the kookaburra.   I spent the last night at don's with jenny and freddie and the family and drove home yesterday.

now to deal with my prowler who reappeared the night before my trip down to the grampians. after the police had gone at 1.30am i couldn't go back to bed so ended up driving off at 3 am with lots of naps along the way.   wouldn't it be lovely to just sprinkle the lawn with rabbit traps  (:0+

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