Saturday, 24 November 2018


NOTHING SPECIAL happening here, i handed out how to vote cards on monday and thursday,   36 deg on mon and a duststorm all day on thursday, incredible dirty winds and muddy spattery rain.  crazy weather.
just moochin' around, feeling flat some days, gardening, waiting waiting for my canvas and stretchers to arrive, australia post doing its usual half arsed job.
the rainbow bee eaters and kingfishers are here, up in the tree
overhead as i do the gardening. and today a gorgeous butterfly has been in the backyard all afternoon having a lovely time :0)

 the grandies are as cute as ever
    pretty rose from the garden, not sure what it is

peaceful dover - first one i've seen in my garden
 the disgusting dusty windy day on thursday

     with helen healy  - pre-polling

    in the garden today


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