Saturday, 3 November 2018


WE FLY OUT TOMORROW NIGHT so today is a day of pooltime, trying to finish my book, picking up a bag and clothes ordered and having a great dinner.

here's a grab bag of pics from the past week in this fabulous place, our hotel is just wonderful, my room is high up, accessed by a bridge that takes you over the lush tropical gardens filled with frangipani, bougainvillea and all kinds of exotic flowers including orchids growing on the trees.

there have been ceremonies happening all the time, the balinese haven't let tourism put the slightest dint in their very strong and beautiful culture.  i love the balinese people.

it's been so easy spending time with susan, gail and isobelle, we have time alone, and together in different ways at different times, fitting in easily with each other.   all good :0)

yes, it's

so many flowers
here i've never
seen before

              from my balcony

we all
love this
statue in
the garden
of a maternal
monkey and
her baby,
it's large
and has
a gentle

    isobelle and i were invited to janet de neefe's husband ketut's
    60th birthday - held at their gorgeous honeymoon guesthouse
isobelle with best selling author jay barrett

my accommodation at ubud inn, a large airy room with KS bed, separate bathroom and a balcony that looks down onto the beautiful gardens and out over rooftops, it's been a great stay

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