Monday, 23 October 2017


HOW LOVELY to spend the weekend with a group of illustrators i hardly ever see - Gabrielle Wang, Jude Rossell, Ann James, Kerry Argent, Elise Hurst, Felicity Marshall and Anne Ryan.  Jude camped on the front lawn, Gab and Elise stayed in the house and the others all went to the Two Rivers Motel - a good location backing on to Thegoa Lagoon, complete with kangaroos and emus.
we had two bbq teas at home, a pub meal on saturday night, spent time relaxing, talking and critiquing each others current or new projects.   we slept in, walked on the island, played games and generally enjoyed being together. it was a great weekend.

     sunday brekky at artback cafe

then a wander
along the street

Later a walk on the island at sundown

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