Sunday, 29 October 2017


THE THING I LOVE ABOUT LIVING HERE  now that i'm established and can water the garden without fear of becoming destitute :0)  due to the cost of running the pump -  the thing i love is just wandering around looking at what's growing, the river with light on it at different times of the day, getting up early to make coffee and being drawn out onto the front lawn to look at the sky lighting up over the lock while the pied butcher bird sings its beautiful song.
being surrounded by nature is a balm, and after sharing it with seven friends last weekend, this weekend i've loved just being here and watching rain flooding the garden.  summer's coming, but right now everything's divine.

big sploshy drops

that's one big puddle in the background, my circular drive :0)   and a beautiful new iris i haven't seen before

i don't know what this is but it looks like a salvia of some kind

a sydney facebook friend asked 'can you have too many scarves' to which i answered NO!

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