Wednesday, 4 October 2017


I'M COMPLETELY BUSHED - whoops, bad pun.  i've been out in the gardening doing masses of weeding, trimming, my gardening pants are ripped from a tussle with a bougainvillea, lots more to do but i'm determined to have everything looking great for the illustrators weekend.
my favorite tree on the golf course - simply huge

I'm also replacing flywire on a window and a door.   my poor airbnb visitor from prague said mozzies were getting in the holes in his flywire door,  tiny holes they were but the door needs a tart up so it's going to get one :0)

MY IRISES are all starting to come out after the first one for the season was vandalised and scattered by a marauding cockie.


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  1. The first photo looks very fresh and nice!! Best wishes, Sadami


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