Thursday, 3 August 2017


MY WATER DAMAGED WALL is finally being fixed, an insurance job and the result of a leaking pipe in the ceiling. i put in my claim on may 10 - and i still have no result or reply regarding the two very damaged framed pics that were hanging there.
but at 8 sharp the builder arrived and had taken off all the architraves, cornice and skirting boards by 9.30, then the plasterers came in and put up a whole new wall - 6m long and were out by 11.

they also did a few little jobs for me - cut me a new manhole cover, put a new bit of plaster in a crook partition in the bungalow, had a go at planing and adjusting my bedroom door which doesn't shut and adjusted the sliding door so it runs more smoothly.   what a bunch of good guys :0)

jason bravely removes a panel - this is where a
big carpet snake dropped out a few years back
i poked the camera up there and photographed in all
directions to put my mind at rest - no more pythons
                               time for a cuppa

I'M PLAYING around with naturally 
dyed papers and  fabrics, trying
 out kimono ideas

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