Monday, 28 August 2017


I MANAGED to get in a morning walk before the class today, crisp and frosty with beautiful mist on the  river

PEOPLE STARTED ARRIVING early so it was go go go from 9.30. Mahdi brought an amazing amount of stuff with her, all kinds of mediums, materials, examples, dyes - you name it.  i think our heads were exploding with ideas and possibilities by lunchtime and everyone worked away like the clappers all afternoon.  the copper and mahdi's slow cooker plus separate pans on hotplates were all on the go filled with strange parcels of fabric, paper and leaves.

AT THE END OF THE DAY . . .   a quiet champers and some knitting to unwind
dear margaret, mahdi's mum doing her stitching,
a lovely guest and good to know her

jenny and gail,
a well earned rest on
the deck as the sun
was low in the sky

the studio has never been so full of possibilities :0)

all systems go - the copper, pots, slow cookers, hot plates.
hubble bubble . . . 

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