Friday, 4 August 2017


I'M ALONE - at last!  up at 6 for tradies arriving at 8, i've spent the morning drawing in the living room while aaron and jason hammer, plane, saw and use their delightful nailgun to put back the architraves and install the new timber reproduction of my old cornice design, very nice it is too :0)  
then steele scadding and son jaydon arrived to pull out the old wood combustion heater and restore the brick fireplace - which proved a bit more complicated than they'd expected.  also chainsawed a couple of out of control bougainvilleas at the base and cleared a space on the top of the riverbank, one small tree that had started to obscure my sunset view up the murray.
AND they took away the sad old ride on mower that's been gathering dust in the carport.    i feel i can breathe . . . and now they've gone and it's silent   :0)    back to the drawing board 

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