Monday, 25 April 2016


I PICKED SUNNY UP at ballan station and we drove to bendigo via some good op shops.  perfect sunny weather, blue skies and magnificent autumn colours everywhere :0)

We had lunch at
 the Dispensary, a favorite
 spot worthy of a
 capital D,  scallops, oysters,
 yummy white wine
 then a walk through
 lovely rosalind park
 to the gallery to see
 young mazza.

this was a great
op shop in ballan,
a winding shady
mozaiced garden
and an old house.
room after room
of stuff :0)

The giant statue on the roundabout was a surprise, i thought it would be really tacky but somehow it works, it's in a great spot opposite the young ladies around the fountain opposite and it's surprisingly lifelike, despite the tiny people constantly posing between her legs :0)

it's fun and people are loving it.  it's great to see how all the shops and the town are behind this exhibition, there are marilyn exhibits in windows all over town, some good, some funny

The exhibition is great, so many iconic dresses from all marilyn's big films, the gold lame on the poster, dresses from Gentlemen prefer Blondes (downloaded it last night for another look).  her favorite halter neck dresses from Jax department store, THE dress from Some Like it Hot. 
It had a solid opaque skintone base, but you can't tell me it was there when the film was shot,  i think it was only partially there for the film and probably was added later for conservation purposes.

Her personal clothes were most interesting, fairly subdued non-revealing dresses, jackets.  some underwear 'thought to be worn by marilyn'   I thought that was a bit cheeky.

We walked quite a lot and after the morning on the road we finished the day with a martini on the verandah of the Shamrock Hotel  looking across to the town hall and 
its lovely clock town.  Bendigo is a beautiful city.

flowers in rosalind park conservatory

ANZAC DAY was in
full preparation, thousands of crocheted and knitted poppies on wide bands hanging across the war memorial building, very effective and moving

SUNDAY  drove home with a side visit to boort to see the sculptures of john piccoli, the spannerman.   amazing work's-most-unusual-artists/7080726

 sculpture by the lake

BOORT is a pretty 
little town

I ALWAYS love to see the inventive letterboxes on the drive through the wimmera and the mallee

Home now on the river, it's superb autumn - the best time of year and the Murray is as gorgeous as ever

ALMOST still a full moon

ANZAC morning

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