Sunday, 17 April 2016


TWO DAYS ON THE ROAD,  Thursday - down to see helen and don in the grampians, great to see them - don outdid himself with a superb rack of lamb roast dinner, there was scrabble to be played and wine to be consumed :0)  and wonderful to see helen looking so well.
I went down via the tiny town of Brim to see the silos that have been so amazingly painted by Guido van Helten.  There were about six car pulled up over the road and people everywhere taking photos. the silos are right on the road so they're very dramatic and look fantastic against the wimmera sky.

i like the 
little windows
and doors half
hidden by the

the road down 
towards the
grampians is
lined with
these fabulous
salmon gums -
silken trunks
in luminous

                       and in my bedroom, an original terry denton!

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