Thursday, 21 April 2016


AFTER A STAY with janet and bevan in pt lonsdale i drove up to melbourne to see the 200 YEARS OF FASHION at NGV and Whistler's Mother.   

   janet was holding a linocut workshop at the gallery

lovely to see this painting, i've always loved it and to realise it's actually about life size was a surprise.  beautifully painted and the accompanying exhibition was good too, lots of whistler's lovely little etchings, superbly drawn and some paintings from the NGV collection to go with whistler's work.

200 yrs
of oz

Then over to stay with chris
 in northcote, a martini and a movie after visiting martin in his studio.

 i drove through to geelong via portarlington - haven't been there for decades


leonard french's great
ceiling is always

 a favorite painting, this small matisse is always in a quiet little corner    and i haven't been ableto photograph it before. 

   on the yarra, a familiar friend :0)

Wednesday morning, coffee with chrissy before heading off to visit godwin bradbeer in footscray. he's moved into amazing new digs in a complex of wonderful brick industrial buildings complete with huge chimney. he has a vast studio space amongst many many more.   a nice environment to be in

                    godwin outside his studio at the Cotton Mills studios


back to the gallery
to see ai weiwei 
but i was too
tired to take it
in - just walked
through and
sat in the sun
at time out with
the age and a 
glass of wine
- much better

having a glass of wine
at fed square

clifton hill - waiting
for the tram

love the contrasts
of city and nature,
here i'm looking
over the bridge at 
the bottom of high
st northcote, the
merri creek

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  1. What a wonderful series of photos and what an amazing painting!!


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