Saturday, 14 March 2015


IT'S BEEN A BUSY WEEK  two days at the artvault, tuesday spent watching the shows being hung, brian reberger and his partner/manager alfredo santo arrived first, then tracey creighton, two very different shows, one abstract, one realist paintings and drawings of italy

WIN TV arrived for an interview and alfredo couldn't resist styling allyson fonseca, just a little bit :0)

alfred, julie and brian

stefano opened brian's show

nightie night, that's all folks

DINNER afterwards with the lovely sonja and beautiful maya - a class act

THURSDAY, a day of running around mildura doing stuff, doctor, accountant, fitted a movie in between - 'what we did on our holiday'  a very funny film - a quick trip to the tip shop (a few little goodies) and home where alan and meryl had arrived on their way south from darwin. they're here for a few days on the river :0)

left - loved spotting this fake owl garding the bakery roof against pigeons and others

billy connelly and the kids in the film 

ALAN solves the problem of the darkness closing in - the old headlight

YESTERDAY - we drove out to 
the Psyche Pump Station and lagoon 
near Mildura, fabulous dried up lake, 
stark landscape.   

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