Thursday, 5 March 2015


A TRIP TO THE POST OFFICE  to pick up the top i ordered online.   Well, what can I say - all the way from China, the quality assurance centre of the universe, it looked such a nice shape in the ad, i think they must have done what Thu used to do in Hoi An when she made my Vietnamese silk goodies, farmed out the sewing to a number of families, each one did the same basic design differently, always unpredictable. 

DEAR OH DEAR  - not only a terrible shame but the fabric is icky and the top layer sticks to the underlayer, and the colour's completely different although i like it. Maybe this can be my
top :0)

I also ordered
a lightweight 
jacket - different

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  1. Oh Dear, I ordered the very same top Anne and am waiting for it to be delivered!! Looks pretty ugly eh???
    I hope maybe perhaps I got a different sewer!!!


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