Thursday, 1 July 2021


IT'S BEEN FOUR DAYS since susan flew home    i've managed to keep the fire going thanks to susan sorting and moving all the small logs outside the loungeroom door.   thank god for streaming services too, i've been able to knit without putting weight on my right arm but i'm in a sling most of the time.   

Started walking again yesterday,  i have to remind myself that physio for my hip needs to continue.   And i'm off painkillers - YAY!  

Yesterday friend Sam delivered a trailer load of wood split into small pieces, and i'm  off to see the doc tomorrow thanks to Di getting me a quick appointment  - people here are so kind.   couldn't get to see my own GP until july 22.    Health services up here are really stretched.   

meanwhile life on the riverbank goes on - wonderful as ever.

this powerful fella has been  around all night every night  the lawn is littered with a trail of evidence!

the wonderful darter

it's wonderful to watch the egret and its 
efficient and persistent fishing skills

another gorgeous evening on the river

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  1. Hi Anne, Long time since I've caught up with your happenings. So sorry you've had such a rubbish time of it with all your surgery! I really hope the bones are feeling better soon. But those grandchildren of yours are extra especially gorgeous. Sending very best wishes from down south. x


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