Friday, 23 July 2021


DAY 24 - in the past weeks i improved enough to drive a little bit locally   Flew down to melb and travelled with sunny, luke and etta to our family weekend in the grampians.   it was great, the house was big modern and just perfect.

my travel buddy in the back seat :0)

i've never seen so many kangas in town - sometimes 30 or more grazing and lounging on the oval and around our house every day

i'll try to get some pics on here from my phone (success as you can see)) - i left the camera behind accidentally and my laptop's damaged and i can't access my photo library. i've just managed to redamage my shoulder by simply turning to switch on a lamp with my good arm so i'm typing left handed.

COVID appeared in mildura a couple of days back throwing all my medical appointments out the window so i spent all day on the phone yesterday trying to reschedule and arrange transport.   not a good couple of days.   Wondering if i'll need more surgery :o(   Well at least my hip post op appointment showed my new joint is all good    i'm really itching to get a decent walk in or have a bath!

lockdown at midnight was announced as i arrived at the airport to travel home, i got back in the nick of time - today (july 23) SA, Queensland and Vic are all in lockdown.

                    so good to see this window seat view again

AFTER HALLS GAP i had three days in torquay, staying with me mates anne, gail and jenny in turn.   anne, gail and i had our annual birthday lunch at Jack Rabbit winery on the bellarine peninsula.  we had a great table by the open fire.   beautiful views which will be on my drive to geelong if i can move to indented head.

                                    love the jack rabbit logo

HAD A GREAT MEAL at the Boatshed on lake wendouree on a windy choppy day on the way back from halls gap

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