Saturday, 1 May 2021


 I ARRIVED IN GEELONG on April 27 and had a nice easy night with susan and sean, martinis and too much wine 😳  and a beautiful meal of salmon.   A good trip down through the Mallee and the essential stop at Birchip bakery for vanilla slices and beestings. 

Susan and i had a lovely long walk around Corio Bay and through the botanical gardens which are looking lush and really beautiful.

Friday i had appointments at the hostpital and Saturday i was admitted at 8.30.  Had my hip replacement around 1.00  and arrived in my room to find flowers from susan already there

My room is large and airy with huge windows and a view to the horizon, very comfy and staff here at the Epworth are all wonderful, not one person (and i've seen scores) has been anything but really friendly and helpful.

I was up and walking with help that day, next day with an elbow crutch and today with a walking stick and without.   It's been an incredible result so far, i'm really happy.

I'm being discharged tomorrow and will have a week at Gail's.  The Anns are heading up to my place today with Lee Burgemeestre and it's going to be a lovely warm weekend for them

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  1. Hi, Annie, please take care. I heartily hope your quick and compete recovery. Love, Sadami


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