Wednesday, 26 May 2021

FOUR WEEKS ON . . . nearly

I HAD MY OP four weeks ago.  it's been a steady improvement ever since.  Walking slowly immediately with a stick,  then after a week at Gail's the two day drive home was comfortable and when she left two days later i felt quite OK to be home alone, even without a licence.

Since then my natural length stride has returned and i'm allowed to drive since midweek, and i've had A BATH!!   pure heaven after weeks of waiting.   and no painkillers since last week - i probably could have stopped earlier.  It's been remarkable.

This week i did three market days, unusual for here but the big Murray/Darling conference was being hosted by wentworth this year so the Makers set up a great looking market in the foyer of the old club which is now the future civic centre/library/visitors centre.

Good old Derek drove me and helped set up the stall

i had some illustration and black and white photos on display as well as
selling and signing
anne had great eco dyed work and wore
some as well.  she looked great.

WAKING UP TO ANOTHER BEAUTIFUL DAY,  lucky i could sleep in till 8.30, i was so tired after the first six hour day i crawled into bed and went to sleep at 6.30!!

Nice to relax in the sun and watch the birds enjoying the newest birdbath

from the couch (where i was comatose) i watched the lovely paddle steamer taking delegates around the junction at twilight

Clair Bates with her basketweaving

Six hours tuesday and wednesday, i was completely stuffed but i got to use my new eftpos card reader.  Sales were so easy.  lots of people in drifts, afternoon was a bit of a waste of time but it was good just to be putting on a lively event for inter and intrastate visitors.

Then on Sunday our lovely old stone St John's Anglican church celebrated it's 150th with a day of prayer, speeches and live music, with CWA food and Scouts sausage sizzle and our market filling up the grounds.   i made around $300 each market day so it was definitely worth doing and good to catch up with everyone too.

AND NO PLANS to do anything similar for a very long time.   Rest and knitting this week.

the beautiful stone walls of the church

Kathy from Nolen's Flowers and Garden

The moon is so bright at night it feels like a full moon already.  next one is a super blood moon with
eclipse on Wednesday.

EAST SKY WEST SKY - two nights ago. 
today it's raining!!!!  

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