Friday, 2 October 2020


MISSING DORIS -  it was the 12th anniversary of mum's death on the 26th and i had a couple of days slump as usual,  the first day i just lay on the couch and watched whatever, not even any knitting done. but the second day i stayed in bed till mid afternoon, leafing through my journal of that time, lots of photos of all us sisters together at jenny's, flowers everywhere, friends calling in etc.   i phoned some friends, sent photos from the journal to others reminiscing on various things we all did in the latter part of the year.  nice times spent with sunny at gail's house,  staying with vicki over melbourne cup.   i did eventually get up and do some sewing and cooking but all in all a very self-pampering day.

jenny and helen at the piano

THE BIG PICK-ME-UP  :0)  sunny looks so happy here

i've started some summer sewing for
etta, bonnets first, next some dresses

a few nights ago it rained heavily all night - 10mm and everything's fresh, tropical smelling and soft underfoot. as a result skies have been amazing both morning and evening

they never cease 
to amaze me with
their ferocious
and relentless
attacks on even
the biggest
predatory birds. 
Here annoying the bejeezus out of the
whistling kite :0)

PROGRESS!  Sam and Justin arrived a couple of days ago with the front end loader, half the bungalow is now gone and they'll be back to do the rest soon.   Much thinking to be done about landscaping

before  the container was knocked down

AFTER - space to see through to the open land next door.  can't wait to see the result of the second visit

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