Monday, 20 July 2020


LOCKDOWN really hasn't made a lot of difference to me but i did have the experience of driving through the barriers and showing my cross border permit to an army guy in camouflage.

and now i'm off to spotlight today, not for wool but for fabrics to try making a mask or two.   if they work i'll send them to sunny, although i hear that pipecleaners are selling out already. they're needed to shape around the bridge of the nose.  who would've thought we'd be doing these things back in february when the year was stretching ahead, full of possibilities.  i'm so sad that sunny's first baby comes at this time which intrudes on the joy and tiredness of having a new baby in the house.  

little popsie is doing nicely, 'chubbing up' as sunny puts it.

hat knitted by great aunt jen

LOCKDOWN IN JAPAN  -  rene and family are doing alright, the kids are at kinder and school having temps taken as they enter, wearing masks out in the public spaces.   Looks like mara is into dresses, so i'm going to sew her a couple.

    the family has a new car, a VW small SUV style wagon.   cal's 
    overdue for a haircut, rene's cutting his own.

latest pics, etta is 3.2 kg, almost ready to go into a sling :0)  life will become easier for sunny

i'm busy knitting - this time for me, lovely bendigo wool with alpaca and silk so it's very nice to the touch.  making this up as i go along, knitting, pulling out,  knitting, pulling out.   trial and error.

birdie visitors,  a face-off between the kooka, happily sitting on the clothesline minding its own business and a willie, determined that he had to go


 morning walk.   this ring-neck parrot preceded me along the footpath for a block.  usually they're in pairs and are up high and quite skittish.  this one walked and flew a few meters ahead of me and played on the wire fence.  Made me think he's been in captivity for a while. 

more birds - taken at home during the week

a gorgeous new neighbour
gavin and jenny next door have an adorable new heeler, Maddie.   she's the chubbiest cuddliest little pup, i'm going to love having her
to chat to on morning walks when she's allowed out into the front yard.  right now she's safely out the back.  gavin's concerned about theft and hawks

I WENT FOR A 2 HOUR WALK yesterday, maybe long, exploring across the road out into the saltbush and up to Thegoa Lagoon, hoping to find a variegated wren or a white winged wren.  instead i found this pretty little grey fantail, hard to photograph because it just doesn't sit still and i'm a long way off.  but here it is

AFTER I GOT BACK it was a toss up between weeding the iris garden or mosaicing a little table.  i have two of these, will do both.  the recessed metal top lifts off, they'll be handy for outdoor tables.  Kmart, $15.  

using two coasters, one had cracked and i'd like them in a place where i see them more, i love the green one, gorgeous colours
I'll buy charcoal grout today, it'll pull together ok.  the other one will be more white, cream, mirror and soft green.  and one piece of china i found on my walk through the saltbush.   there used to be a settlement there in the '30's while the weir and lock were being built.

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