Saturday, 11 July 2020


A LARGE AREA AROUND NORTH EAST MELBOURNE is in full lockdown and the NSW/Victoria border is closed but now we find that border communities can apply online for a permit to cross over and it's easy - i went online and printed out a permit in about 5 minutes.  it lasts two weeks before i need reapply.  that's fine with me.
weather is sunny and mild, i met di for a coffee at the pub this morning.  talked to sunny, rene and friends in the last few days. all seems fine.   i hope they get on top of the virus this time, it feels a bit  shaky but the vic government is working hard.  i don't know how poor old premier dan andrews keeps on going, he's worked so hard.

here on the confluence, the birds are unperturbed.

  i left the hoses on too long yesterday and the variegated wrens appeared, i rarely see them so it was a treat to sit on the verandah and watch them darting in and out of the puddles

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