Sunday, 31 May 2020


IT'S THE 31st  already  -   lockdown has meant being at home most of the time, finding time to slow down, be quiet, peaceful.   a time to take the pressure of deadlines off, enjoy some silence, read, garden.
so how come the weeks just seem to be flashing by???

saturdays seem to fly by every few days - it's winter tomorrow.  i've just driven back from a bit of a shopathon in mildura and the autumn colour is spectacular.

 the vineyards are all shades of gold, orange and red, sometimes in stripey layers disappearing to the horizon. the liquidambars, claret ash, old old english trees of all kinds are just glowing in the richest of warm colours.  i didn't have the camera with me today, but here are some pics from this week.

i bought new bedlinen in bold patterns for the spare room,  variegated fine wools to knit some fingerless gloves for sunny and probably more for other people (maybe even me)  and a few pairs of fabulous earrings on sale for $5-$7     crazy big colourful things, i think some of them will be decorations on the christmas tree :0) and some baby clothes - well, i'm allowed!!  :0)

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