Sunday, 24 May 2020


I THOUGHT I'D BE PAINTING all week, but no.  I got a knitting bug and couldn't stop, watched so many series and films and finished a cowl for luke and another for sunny, sent jules's jumper off in the mail.

Today i got into the studio again, no knitting project to continue on with at present so i've started another self portrait and a small still life - pears this time, not as horrible as the pomegranates, but i think i'll try a transparent more loose one next time, or watercolour.

Birds are just loving the birdbaths at the moment

Not much else, i'm laying low.  Happy to be here though.  beautiful skies morning and night.  Reading 'On the Trail of Genghis Khan'
by Tim Cope, his incredible journey on horseback across mongolia and kazahkstan to hungary.


                   tribute to Olive Cotton 
                   these pears on the sink cast shadows that
                   made me think of 'Teacup Ballet'

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