Monday, 27 August 2018


A BUSY BUSY WEEK - alan and meryl left friday 17th and i had the weekend to organise myself for Albury, book week gigs at the Library and artist's talk at my exhibition.

TUESDAY, drove from 8.30 to 6pm to get there, two hours of glorious almond blossom on red soil, then a harrowing few hours across dry flat planes where there were 6 -10 dead kangaroos every km and a couple of emus, very upsetting.

dressup days

Wednesday and thursday, sessions with kids, good as they usually are.  Nice to catch up with rene's old school buddy john after the artists talk on thursday.

Walked to
the movies on
a lovely evening

strange diagonal pedestrian crossing

Friday - i took a longer route home along the Murray to avoid the roadkill.  it was lovely, rich dairy country and small towns.
arrived at the pub at exactly the same time as Merrin and Terry who stayed for the weekend.

Dinner at the pub

my favorites - animals made of fruit
and veges created by schoolkids
It was the wentworth show, we spent a gorgeous sunny saturday there and then went on the twilight cruise up the darling on the Wentworth riverboat.  just beautiful, perfect weather, a cool wine and that wonderful river all for a couple of hours.

GREAT TO SEE the Wentworth riverboat back on the Darling

              NICE SURPRISE
a lovely display in mary martins bookshop in melbourne - vicki
saw it and photographed it for me

Yesterday, Sunday - merrin and terry have taken off for wilpena pound and a glamping couple of days, i collapsed on the couch and watch tv all day and finished my lamb jumper :0)

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  1. Oh, Anne, I love all your photos!! So good and so beautiful, full of love. Cheers, Sadami


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