Friday, 6 July 2018


IT'S GREAT to have time to sort the house and studio with no work on the go. nothing in the diary, just time to puddle from one thing to the next.  I'm having a lovely time.
Yesterday was 23 deg here, so balmy - i was outside most of the day. i headed off for a walk at 10 and was almost to town when i got a call from Essential energy, they had arrived to trim the rubber tree  -  eek.
i had asked that i be there so i said 'don't do anything till 11'  and hightailed it back home.  they cut quite a bit out, but also evened it up where i asked for it so it's actually much lighter and better.

 i have new airbnb people, really nice, bright and chatty. we had a drink on the back verandah as the sun went down then the bunnings delivery man arrived with my glass benchtops!!  WHOO HOO
Beautiful 12mm glass with sanded off edged and rounded corners,  gorgeous!
I've hung a wedding dress on the wall, it's starting to feel
like home.  nearly ready to start working - nearly.  getting there

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