Tuesday, 3 July 2018


Last night
another lovely sunset - cool nights (freezing
really) and sunny still
days. great for outdoor

RAKING, sorting piles of rubble into wood, metal, tip stuff, dealing with the plumber, having the septic tank pumped (pew!!) more raking - that's been my day,  seven trolley loads of lovely fallen claret ash leaves from next door's nature strip are now mulching my garden,  i've created the beginnings of a small bed of potplants outside the studio too :o)  a satisfying day
and bunnings has just rung to say my super thick glass has arrived for my printmaking benchtop - a beautiful work surface 12mm thick :0)

what a job, getting 
rid of all of this.
but - slowly slowly 

a new little garden,
i'll decorate that
unused door,
maybe hang a
bamboo blind
my little sample of fresco on a paver, it's hopefully
going to withstand the weather

tonight's sunset went on and on, just got more and more gorgeous

    the camera couldn't really handle the brightness of this

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