Friday, 4 May 2018


FULL MOON this week, so much time spent outside at night with the camera, also mornings as it was setting in daylight

the local free magazine ran an article on me and my work.  it was good, just sounded as though i was talking and not one wrong bit of information or something i didn't say in 'quotes'   Refreshing :0)

GORGEOUS AUTUMN COLOUR down at artback, how i miss sitting behind this curtain of leaves doing the crossword

WEDNESDAY night,  two openings in town and a drink with sonja afterwards,  here with master printer bill young and sue james
a diminishing moon

WHOO HOO! - jake, jake'n'james are here insulating and lining the studio.  there'll be four new fluoros, two fans and new powerpoints so i can work anywhere in there with light and power, i won't know myself :0)

feels like a lot of testosterone around the place!  three cars, two trailers plus the airbnb man's car as well. i'm hiding out in the loungeroom :0)

Yesterday i headed to our Wentworth Makers group's new home at the guide hall down the road, the local Men in a Shed group volunteered to come and paint the interior for us in return for scones and jam and cream, which we'll deliver to their shed tomorrow morning.  i'll go and get pics and see if the local paper will run it.

frank and bob on
the job! 

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