Sunday, 6 May 2018


WOW! what a lovely morning i had on saturday.
I drove to Dareton to the 'Men in a Shed' shed to photograph the 'thank you' morning tea we provided in return for the blokes painting the interior of our new home in cadell street.
and what an eye opener it was, i've drive past that shed with it's sign 'Men in a Shed' over the door  so many times with no idea what lay behind it.   it's a vast space filled with busy men and projects everywhere surrounded by heaps of equipment, their own library and next door a whole packing shed (huge) filled with collectible old vintage tractors, gigantic engines, fabulous space and god knows what else.  they must just love it there!   i did.

they came over
two days and
painted the
inside of the
guide hall

glenis serving on saturday 

this is the amazing inside space of the old packing shed, probably twice as long as this - what a group studio it would make

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