Sunday, 6 September 2015


Well, the sunday i planned - make the curtains, tidy the house, clean the filter, go for a walk - hasn't panned out.   The wonderful welcome of the Germans to the refugees who travelled from Hungary got the better of me so i started the day in an emotional state.  Add to that talking last night to Ros about our lives without a father around, mine gone when i was seven, ros's at 14,  i was feeling quite teary.  
of course it's father's day so there are all kinds of wonderful pics and messages on facebook and, to top it off I watched Bette Davis die a gallant death in Dark Victory today and i'm a mess.

now i'm going to gather 
myself together and finish 
those damned curtains!!

                       with me and helen
                      with bald me and helen

    myra, grandmother anne (i think)  dad uncle jim, edna, uncle jim and grandpa Jack

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