Wednesday, 16 September 2015


NO SHORTAGE of fresh green vegies here at janet and bevan's - silverbeet, fantastic rocket, parsley, lettuce in abundance.   

Gail stayed last night, traditional scrabble and a film, to kill a mockingbird.

This morning we drove down early to look at the heads in fog, i woke to the sound of foghorns this morning.
then a walk to the lake - now it's glorious sunshine

   this brave woman walked into the water in very brisk weather, chilly      foggy air

down on lake victoria - lots of birds to be identified
i know these are red-necked avocets

think this is a  grey fantail

i'm off to get the bird book, this one is tiny taken from a long way off
                                          this is an exotic bird of paradise

answers:  the little one is a white-fronted chat, the coot is a eurasian coot, and i was right
about the fantail

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