Friday, 26 June 2015


TIME WITH SUNNY :0)   We met and went to see Swan Lake - a slightly down market production, the St Petersburg ballet at the Convention Centre, a huge new barn of a place, huge open spaces, everything bright orange. strangely sterile. the theatre was fine but the music was recorded,  the dancers were good, swan queen and sorcerer's daughter were beautiful dancers but the prince . . . very sad  and kind of funny. no expression, only an OK dancer, big nose, no chin  -  am i being unkind??  he had NUTHIN! but it was fun talking about him.  Yes, i'm being unkind  :0)  

Nice to be down by the water and to be out in melbourne on a crisp winter night

YESTERDAY - a day of printing at the print workshop, a day of failures for me, i spent a lot of money on copper and i think I ruined half of it in the processing room.   I'm back at janet's so i'll do some printing with them today and see if it's as bad as i think    :0(  boo hoo

The good part of the day - visiting Leigh on the way home, just a quick visit but good to catch up with him, nice to see Dmetri too, and of course the funny dogs snowy and lucy.

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