Friday, 19 June 2015


AND NOTHING ON THE BLOG SINCE TUESDAY   the days whizz by.  I've been busy getting work finished and stuff packed for two weeks of working and printing in Point Lonsdale.

IT'S RAINED on and off all week, fabulous.   Soft steady rain every second day, what could be better. My garden is soaked and soft  -  i don't need to even think about it while i'm away and my housesitter can relax.

Yesterday i was having a leisurely coffee at artback when i saw a woman looking at my picture books.  I went up to chat and after a while (and a sale :0)  we discovered we had friends in common,  my old buddies janet and bevan - where I'm going to be staying for the next couple of weeks.  Small world.  

 Kay and John Munro, who i met at Artback.  I invited them round to see the river from my place and John took a pic of me in my beautiful angora coat, which i never get to wear here.   But right now it feels like living in Ballarat, chilly, icy and very very damp.  It's very pleasant actually.  Heavy grey skies and puddles everywhere :0)

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