Tuesday 9 July 2024


WHAT HAVE I BEEN DOING?   Looking back thru my photos, looks like mainly swims in the morning and who knows what else.  

JUNE 17 was etta's fourth birthday and on the 22nd sunny and luke had a nice family and friends afternoon with cake and presents, low key and really enjoyable.  

   the bay was looking beautiful as i drove up to melbourne

    my present - rainbow bedding for when 
   etta's new 'big girl' bed arrives

On the 28th i headed off for five days writing retreat at isobelle's house near apollo bay.  i'm not sure how much i got done, but the head space was great and to be away without the distractions of home meant i got to think about the book ideas.  and i did a bit of writing.  now i'm home with the indesign program i'll do more.   it's hard tho, without an editor i feel like i'm losing my way.  uncertain.
i was really carsick by the time i arrived after driving around all the hairpin bends of the otway road.  it was cold and i was miserable and thought the whole stay was a mistake.  but of course in the morning i felt fine and the five days was just delightful. 

the surf was huge, big rolling sets of waves and rainbows throughout the day, every day.  i caught up with chrissie's ex ian, who's moved down there.  it was really nice to see him - we had some laughs over dinner.


I drove up for our family weekend straight from isobelle's, four days this year which we all decided was perfect.  time to just hang out, no hurry to do anything. in fact the pool table hardly got used and the scrabble and boggle were left on the sideboard.   it's always lovely to be there, have the firepit going outside and take it in turns to cook.  now i'm home and having a very quiet day, heading off tomorrow to geelong for a chat to the bank and a night at gails, then to melbourne to babysit etta on thursday, back on friday.

                               another birthday cake

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