Monday 1 April 2024


YES, HIGH TIME i updated this blog, it's April Fools Day and Easter Monday.  5.30 so i'll spend some time on this then get down to have a walk and a swim and there's a free yoga lesson at 8 at the yacht club. i need to do some research today too, i'm writing a book about my time on the river and reading the blog's day to day writing, which is what i did when i started, is essential when trying to get the sequence of events right. i only started this in 2012 when i moved so figuring out the dates of events leading up to find the house is proving a bit tricky.  i'm relying on my handwritten journals and it's time to really delve in and get a timeline sorted out.

since march 18, my last entry and rene's birthday i've been swimming regularly, starting to walk again too.

Been to Gail's twice for an overnighter and a morning swim with the Waders.

Jenny and I headed up to Don's at Lake Lonsdale for a couple of nights. it was good to have a whole day with don, his eyesight is a worry, I'm concerned about him driving but he's isolated out there if he can't drive. 

don's always got seed out for the birds

Lake Lonsdale's full and healthy

a beautiful sunset at my place, almost rivalling sunraysia skies

    a walk along st leonards foreshore

      hello melbourne

hello melbourne


Back at Indented Head, easter friday sunrise

EASTER and sunny, luke and etta came down on friday.
i met them at queenscliff after they came over on the ferry.  big easter egg hunt on sat morning, etta wanted to hide the eggs herself and we all had to find them, then she hid them again, then again!  i'm still finding them three days later :0) Time at the beach and absolutely glorious sunny autumn days

BIO LUMINESCENCE  Swimmers have seen this in the water for the past three days, so we all congregated at 6am and went into the bay.  small luminous bubbles fanned out from our hands as we stroked thru the water then we all kicked out feet under the surface and bubbles filled the darkness.  it wasn't as bright or blue as i expected but magical nonetheless

i couldn't get the camera flash to
turn off so this was the only shot i
got, looks like my gastroscopy!!

we were all pretty hyped up afterwards :0)

a very dark morning at torquay, nice in the water though

just before easter, i was swimming and looked up to 
see two black swans swimming past. i tried to swim 
closer to get a better shot, but they were too fast 
for me



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