Tuesday 6 February 2024


I'M IMPROVING on a daily basis - yesterday i hit 1km which was my goal for this year and it's only feb.   so now i think i'll concentrate on breathing and stroke.   the Wreck to Reef is on saturday and i've entered the Salties inaugural swim, not a race - a 600m fun swim.

it's lovely to see wildlife every now and then, here a banjo shark and a jellyfish, very graceful but i steer clear :0\

nice lunch on friday with the girls, we all turned up and had beautiful asian food at the Bao Place.

started working on my book again, my gastric health feels back to normal after being on the meds - they worked almost instantly :0)  And the longer swims are so great for my mood - i feel terrific

I'VE ENTERED sonja's portrait in the Darling Portrait prize, not really happy with parts of it but it's good to put it in the mix


THE LEMON MYRTLE denise gave me is flowering and the 
butterflies just love it

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  1. Hearty congrats on your Darling in, Anne!! Amazing!


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